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Getting Started as an iluminr User
Navigate iluminr with the Vertical Menu
Navigate iluminr with the Vertical Menu
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Meet the iluminr Vertical Menu

A vertical menu is located at the left of the screen and will responsively collapse and expand as you hover over it. It will also adjust to the display of the device you are accessing it from (laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.).

  • easily access the Threats, Event Rooms and Communications modules.

  • expand the Libraries to access to microsimulations, playbooks, people, assets, communications templates, threats and documents.

  • access Settings to manage Users and Configuration.

  • expand Resources to provide access to this Knowledge base and help

  • expand your Profile picture for user access and information.

How do I use the vertical menu?

Streamlined Menu

Expanded Menu

You can pin the vertical menu to keep it open, or you can unpin the menu which will collapse the menu until you over over it to navigate iluminr.

What can I access via the Vertical Menu?



  • People library for contacts, teams and roles.

  • Assets library for locations of interest.

  • Templates library for proforma communication.

  • Playbooks library for preset tasks and actions.

  • Microsimulations library for active and inactive microsimulations

  • Documents library for event room resource documents and links

  • Threats library for threat matrices

  • Learning Loops library for Learning Loops responses

  • Alerts library for threat alert recipes




  • Role Sets to control permissions

  • Teams to manage roles comprising the team

  • Users for access management

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