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Increase your ability to reach more people & reduce barriers to participation by accessing everyday communication and collaboration channels.

Connect instantly, simultaneously and meaningfully with your stakeholder base when something goes wrong.

iluminr gives you the power to activate your response teams and understand who is available at the click of a button.

When you send your activation message, each selected team member will receive your message content (this is sent both as an email alert and an SMS alert).

Your message will also ask the team members to confirm their availability to respond to the team activation. Learn more at Activate Teams Process.

Communicate with stakeholders with two-way messaging.

The response required option allows for open replies to be received from your message recipients facilitating a broad range of information gathering.

Disabling the response required option allows for one notification to be issued instructing or advising your stakeholders of an update or directive.

Create poll messages to collect a greater range of information from your stakeholders at any time, such as their current work location or a location they visited in the past week.

You can use the default YES/NO responses:

OR create up to 5 custom response options:

These are based on the response teams listed in iluminr (the various user groups who access iluminr in your organisation).

Roles are the roles that are found in the response teams in iluminr (e.g. Team Leader, Communications Coordinator, Team Support etc.).

Groups are customised groups (which can be segmented anyway you and your organisation prefer) of individuals and are managed by your organisation's administrator.

Location groups are automatically managed by iluminr, when a contact has an associated location, iluminr will organise these based on location for your convenience.

A complete list of all contacts, you have access to.

Current Channels

The current channels of communication available are:

  • Email

  • SMS

  • MS Teams

New Channels Coming Soon

Additional channels to deliver communications such as WhatsApp, WeChat and Messenger will also become available.*

*Additional configuration and organisation accounts will be required to access these future channels.

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