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We have updated iluminr with a brand new communications dashboard and with that comes an improved Response Team activation process.

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iluminr still gives you the power to activate your response teams and understand who is available at the click of a button.

How do I activate my response team(s)?

Once you have initiated an event and completed your first incident assessment, you will see three icons appear on the bottom of the 'incident assessment' summary tile.

If you would like help completing an incident assessment please have a look here.

The 'activate team' button is the fastest way to activate your required response team(s).

If however, you want to activate your response team straight away, you can use the 'activate team' button on the quick access menu on the right-hand side of the dashboard.

Both of these buttons will reveal the new activate teams slider!

The NEW activate teams slider!


Compose the activation message

The event name is pre-populated as the message title, however, this can be edited.

You can use an existing communications template to populate the body of the activation message, you can also edit this message or write a new one. Then Click Next

Select the team(s) & team members (if applicable)

Select the team(s) you want to activate. You can click the team card to select individual team members as well.


Checking team availability.

When you send your activation message, each selected team member will receive your message content (this is sent both as an email alert and an SMS alert). Your message will also ask the team members to confirm their availability to respond to the team activation.

To review their responses click on the communications button to take you to the new communications dashboard.

The top right card on the dashboard will be your activation message and you will see responses arriving in real-time!


For more on the Communications Dashboard see this article here.

To see more detailed information click on the card to enter the message detail view. This page will show you which team members have indicated they are available to support.


By clicking on the charts on the right you can filter by send rate or by the response.

For more information on the whole message detail screen see this article here.

Would you like to learn more?

Browse the Knowledge Base here or connect with the Customer Success team here.

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