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What are Microsimulations?

A microsimulation is an immersive bite-sized scenario exercise focused on creating a quick yet memorable experience. Its primary aim is to build resilience across the organization by having participants respond to an aspect of a simulated incident or critical event. Learn more via our Microsimulations Playbook.

What objectives can be achieved with Microsimulations?

Through experiential learning, each microsimulation is designed to achieve at least one of the following objectives:

  • Develop individual skills and team capability

  • Meet regulatory of contractual compliance

  • Build awareness and engagement of your resilience program

  • Create familiarisation with toolsets for resilience

  • Validate data associated with risk and resilience

Who manages my Microsimulations program?

Your organization's Admin User can manage and launch microsimulations for your team. For further information reach out to your Administrator or contact your Customer Success Team by clicking the Need Help? button below.

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