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iluminr provides live virtual training for users through the following modular sessions.

Note: depending on your organisations' iluminr package, these sessions can be held once or multiple times per year. Contact our Customer Success Team to learn more.

Threat Intelligence (30min)

  • User walk-through of Threat Intel dashboard, tools and navigation

  • Threat Library walkthrough

  • Proactive alert management


  1. How to view and interrogate active threats near locations of interest

  2. Set up and manage automated alerting

Communications (30min)

  • Building and sending notifications to stakeholders

  • Reporting on sent notifications

  • Management of communication templates


  1. Guided walkthrough of Notify Contacts, creating new messages

  2. Advice on use of message types

  3. How to manage communication templates

  4. Navigation and tools available for message reporting

Event Rooms (45min)

  • Create new event rooms to coordinate response activities

  • Overview of in application assessment tools

  • Response team structure and activations

  • Creating a single source of truth for all information relating to the event

  • Coordinating activities and tracking through to completion


  1. Guided walkthrough of event creation and initial assessment

  2. How to activate required teams and team members

  3. effective information and task management

  4. Where to access additional resources to support required response

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