Power User Training Overview

An overview of the agenda and learning outcomes of iluminr Power User training.

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iluminr Power User training is provided via a 45-minute live virtual session.

The purpose of this session is to build capability and familiarity of iluminr and your organizations' resilience activities in response to an event (live or simulated).

Power User Training (45 min)

  • User walk-through of Event Room dashboard, tools and navigation

  • Creating a single source of truth for all information relating to the event

  • Coordinating activities and tracking through to completion


  1. Validation of iluminr user access (if applicable)

  2. Effective information and task management

  3. Understanding of where to access additional resources to support required response

  4. Capability to create new event rooms to coordinate response activities

Note: depending on your organizations' iluminr package, these sessions can be held once or multiple times per year. Contact our Customer Success Team to learn more.

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