Completing a Learning Loop
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Completing a Learning Loop within iluminr is an integral part of the continuous learning process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Invitation and login

When a recipient receives a Learning Loop invitation, they will be directed to log into iluminr and taken directly to the relevant event room. The Learning Loop will automatically activate for completion. Learn more at: How do I send a Learning Loop to participants?

2. Submitting responses:

The participant will complete each section, which may involve a free text response, numerical rating or polls. After completing all sections, the participant will submit their response. For collaborative Learning Loops, participants can also view the answers provided by fellow participants, encouraging a collaborative learning environment.

3. Learning Loop Library

If a new Learning Loop is created, it is automatically stored in the new Learning Loop library. Here’s how administrators can access it:

  1. Navigate to the left menu

  2. Choose the “libraries” drop down option

  3. Click on “Learning Loops”

  4. This will display all created Learning Loops.

4. Reviewing and Managing Learning Loop Responses:

Within the Learning Loop library, participants will find a list of Learning Loops. By selecting the relevant Learning Loop card, they can access the report slider and review consolidated insights from all participants.

Each Learning Loop card offers various management options:

  • Share: Participants can click "Share" to generate a read-only link to the Learning Loop report. This allows them to share the insights via a link with others who might find them valuable.

  • Export: The option to download the report for offline reference or sharing.

  • Delete: If required, participants can remove a Learning Loop from their library.

  • Close: When participants no longer need to gather responses, they can choose to close the report.

5. Sharing Learning Loop Insights

If you wish to share Learning Loop insights:

  1. Click "Share" on the Learning Loop card.

  2. Generate a read-only link for the report.

  3. Set an expiration period for the link (1, 3, or 7 days) and add a personalized message.

  4. Choose recipients based on teams, roles, groups, locations, individuals or add new email addresses

  5. Select the communication channel for sharing.

  6. Preview the message and schedule its delivery for a later time if necessary.

  7. When ready, click ‘send’

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