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How do I send a Learning Loop to participants?
How do I send a Learning Loop to participants?
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When a recipient receives a Learning Loop invitation, they will be directed to log into iluminr and taken directly to the relevant event room. The Learning Loop will automatically activate for completion.

This guide steps you through the process of sending a Learning Loop to participants for their response.

  1. Log in with your credentials.

  2. On the Home screen, select Current Events or on the vertical menu, click Event Rooms.

  3. Click the Event Card with the corresponding event name.

    If no event is in progress, see How do I create an event?

  4. In the Event Actions menu, select Create Learning Loops

  5. Add a name and description for this Learning Loop, for this specific event

  6. You can then choose from 2 options:

    1. Choose Blank Template to create a new Learning Loop from scratch – building the questions as you go

    2. Choose Template from Learning Loop Library to select an existing Learning Loop template from your library, which include pre-populated with the content.

  7. Decide whether other team members will collaborate on the Learning Loop. This facilitates simultaneous completion of the Learning Loop, allowing others to respond to the questions posed. ⚠ If not chosen, you will be the sole contributor.

  8. Review the Learning Loop content. Similar to creating a template, everything is configurable so you can review and edit the questions, change the question formats, toggle mandatory status, and reorder the sections as required.

  9. Once satisfied with the Learning Loop content, click Next

  10. Select participants based on teams, roles, or individual users, and click Next. You can see a summary of selected participants by clicking the participant button at any time.

  11. Select the channel for the sending invitations to participants

  12. After previewing, click the Send button.

    This automatically creates a new Learning Loop in the library, and the selected participants will receive an invitation to complete the report.

  13. Navigate to the Learning Loops Library, and click on the Learning Loop to access the responses.

  14. When you are ready, you can share the insights captured. Learn more at: How do I share Learning Loop insights?

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