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Everything you need to know about Learning Loops, their templates and how to use them

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What are Learning Loops?

Learning Loops are a crucial component of any response strategy. A well-structured Learning Loop, whether integrated into Microsimulations or a live event, ensures that valuable insights are collected and acted upon effectively. Ultimately, Learning Loops can initiate a cycle of continuous learning, elevating an organization’s response strategy.

🆕 As a recent addition to the iluminr platform, this article is designed to familiarise you with the fundamental features of Learning Loops.

Learn how to use Learning Loops:

iluminr Learning Loop Templates

To get you started, iluminr's Learning Loops offer four ready to use templates:

  • Board Event Report
    Provide a high level summary of event response and recovery activities specific to Board intake.

  • Situation Report
    Provide a quick overview of the current situation, event impacts, actions taken/to be done, issues and what is needed.

  • After Action Review
    Capture strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to identify enhancements to ensure continual improvement of your response and resilience capability.

  • Microsimulation Feedback Report
    Gather valuable insight from your microsimulation participants to ensure you are increasing capability and engagement

How do I access the free iluminr Learning Loop Templates?

Access these templates in the Learning Loop Templates via the vertical menu.

💡 Tip: You have the option to create new Learning Loop Templates from scratch, providing you with a higher degree of customisation.

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