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Flash Message - What is it and how to use it in iluminr.

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Everything you need to know about Flash Messages, including:

What is a Flash Message?

A Flash Message (aka Flash SMS) is a special type of SMS that is used for sharing a short important notification to your recipients or team's mobile device.

What does a Flash Message look like?

They are displayed directly on the recipient's screen without the recipient having to open them. Usually, mobile phones can neither save these messages nor send them themselves.

Why would I send a Flash Message?

This is a great way to make them aware of a situation OR to direct them to another source of information, like another message, email, website and so on.

How do I send a Flash Message?

  1. Log in with your iluminr credentials.

  2. Click Notify Contacts.

    or select Notify from the quick links menu in the Event Room

    or select + New Comms on the Communications Dashboard.

  3. The compose communication slide-out panel will enable you to create and send a new message, without leaving the page you are on.

  4. Optional: Select a template from the drop-down list. This will automatically apply the appropriate message type, meaning you can skip step 6 of this guide if you choose to select a template. Learn more at Get to know Communications Templates.?

  5. Ensure the message type is Flash Message type is selected.

  6. Add a short title, and a short message, and follow the prompts to send the message. Learn more at: How do I create a new message and notify contacts?

What number will Flash Message come from?

You may notice that in the Preview section the Sender ID is NULL, this is when your organization has not registered an Alphanumeric Label (AlphaTag) with iluminr.

Due to the way Flash Messaging works on a telco network level, there is no phone number associated with Flash Notifications, It is recommended to register an AlphaTag where possible (as these are not available in every country) when using Flash Messaging.

Contact your Customer Success Manager Today to register an AlphaTag for your organization.

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