Stay on top of contact details for your staff and key stakeholders with automated updates for your nominated source of truth.

Ensure you have the right information at your time of need.

Name, email, contact number, location, business group and more

With the iluminr Contacts API integration you can manage what contact details are regularly updated without manual intervention at a preferred frequency.

Why: Persons can join and leave your organisation at any time, have their details been added to your HRS/HCM platform? Have they been removed in a timely manner post offboarding?

Automating this process provides confidence that your important message is going to the right people at the time of sending. Learn more about Notifying Contacts with iluminr.

Not yet an iluminr user? Explore the crisis and incident response platform today.

iluminr Contacts API Process

  1. Identify the source of truth, for all your contact information in your organisation (Active Directory, HRS/HCM platform or other data source)

  2. Meet with Catalyst Customer Success Team to validate data types, formats, frequency of updates and to establish your temporary test instance (UAT environment)

  3. Once validated set your production go live.

  4. Automated!

Ready to start?

Information to support your validation and testing of the Contacts API

CQCommnad Contacts API Diagram

DEV API Endpoint:*

Available API Operations

Contact the Catalyst Customer Success Team by clicking the button above.

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