How do I create an Event?

Learn how to create a new event room

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Proactively creating an event room in iluminr allows you to conduct a quick incident assessment and track relevant information. No one in your team will be notified unless the situation escalates and you decide to activate or notify your response team.

How do I create a new event room?

  1. Log in with your iluminr credentials.

  2. On the Home screen, select Initiate Event

  3. Once selected, the New Event side panel will appear on the right.

  4. Complete the event details:

    • Name your event a maximum of 5 words.

    • A brief event description with additional details about the event

    • iluminr will automatically timestamp the event, which you can modify for a past, present or scheduled disruption.

    • Select the toggle to create a Private Event

  5. OPTIONAL - Complete the metadata details:

    • In the list, select the sites impacted by the event (or SKIP)

    • Select the event type from the options available (or SKIP)

    • Select the threat severity of the event

  6. Click the Create button.

🥳 Congratulations, you have now created an Event Room!

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