Proactively creating an event room in iluminr allows you to conduct a quick incident assessment and track relevant information. No one in your team will be notified unless the situation escalates and you decide to activate or notify your response team.

Learn more at What does activating an event really mean?

How do I create a new event room?

  1. Visit

  2. Log in with your CQ credentials.

  3. Click Initiate Event.

  4. Once selected, the New Event side panel will appear on the right.

  5. Input an Event Name no longer than 5 words.

  6. In the Event Description, add more detail about the event you are about to manage.

  7. CQ will automatically show the current date and time relevant to your time-zone. If the event is planned to occur in the future or has already begun, you can change the date and time if you wish.

  8. If you would like the event to be a Private Event, click the Is this a private event toggle to change from N (no) to Y (Yes). Learn more about Private Events, including how to make an existing event private at How do I use Private Events?

  9. If you are aware of an impact to any of your organisation's sites, select the relevant sites from the impacted sites list. Note, your site list may differ to the example below.

  10. Click the Create button.

Congratulations, you have now created an Event Room!

Would you like to learn more?

Browse the Knowledge Base here or connect with the Customer Success team here.

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