How do I share event information?

Learn how to share boards across iluminr

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The share feature enables you to send a link to the recipient(s) providing read-only access to the board. The link will expire based on the time frame selected.

This feature is available for an Event Room dashboard, Event Tasks Board, Information Board and any Active Playbook.

  1. Navigate to the Event Room, and open the Information Board by clicking the Information Board heading, OR selecting Open in new tab.

  2. Click on the Share button, to active the report panel.

  3. Click on Compose Message, enter a report name, select how long the report will be available, enter any additional message information and click Next.

  4. Select Recipients, and choose from your existing contact groups or enter new emails directly (via "Share by email") and click Next.
    ​If you would like to send to only some people in a given group click on the middle of the contact card (where the profile images or initials are) and select the individual/s.

  5. Select the delivery Channel and click Next to preview the message.

  6. If you have selected more than one delivery channel, you can switch between the previews using the headings.

  7. Click on Recipients to access the list of people who will receive this report.

  8. Once you are satisfied that the message is correct click Send.

  9. A link will be sent to the recipients providing read-only access to the board. The link will expire based on the timeframe selected.

The board will continue to update in real-time when new tasks are added.

This action will also create a new message card on the communications dashboard, creating an audit trail and enabling you to expire the link at any time.

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