As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, staying on top of the latest global and local information is critical to helping you build a common operating picture and aid with timely decision making.

It is now even easier for you to manage this information through the intuitive side panel that displays these facts in your iluminr event.

What are Situation Reports?

The Situation Reports are regularly updated to capture key events from around the world, and trending discussions from the Catalyst Community.

Where do I find Situation Reports?

  1. Navigate to the Event Room.

  2. Click the Situation Reports icon, located in the top right next to the share icon.

  3. You can now scroll through the Situation Reports facts in the Side Panel.

How do I use Situation Reports?

  1. Navigate to the Situation Reports.

  2. Click anywhere on the Fact Card, to access more information, including relevant links, regarding the fact. Any information you find in this feed that is relevant to your event can be seamlessly added to the Information Board.

  3. Select the radio button on the Fact Card(s) of relevant information to automatically populate in your Information Board.

  4. Click Add facts.

  5. The fact(s) are now added to your Information Board, ready to be shared with your broader team.

Would you like to be aware of more information?

Should you be aware of information that could benefit your organisation or others, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will endeavor to include the facts in future situational reports.

Would you like to learn more?

Browse the Knowledge Base here or connect with the Customer Success team here.

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