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Collecting, distilling and sharing information is essential during business critical events and the new information board now makes this process faster, simpler and more collaborative.

Capture facts, assumptions and issues with just one click, link to impacts, attachments and tasks, provide real-time updates and share with anyone.

What is the Information Board

The Information Board is an interactive component of the Event Room, that enables you to collate, categorise and manage information to successfully manage critical events.

How do I use the Information Board?

Each row of the Information Board displays the priority of the item, a reference number, the type of information, a description, potential impacts if applicable (these are generated from the impact assessment categories that have been predetermined as part of your iluminr setup), the author, time and date created.

An attachment icon will display if applicable and any rows with new or updated information will highlight in light purple.

Learn how to use the information board to:

Search and Filter

The search bar allows you to search for and display information that contains specific keywords of your choice. The Information Board can be filtered by status, time period and priority; all of the filters can be cleared at any time

Information Type

  • Fact: Information that has been thoroughly verified and is confirmed to be true and accurate.

  • Assumption: Information perceived to be true, but which requires additional verification or confirmation.

  • Issue: A concern signaling potential harm or considerable damage to the organization. Such information should be promptly highlighted to ensure necessary actions are initiated.

  • Process: Indicates a specific sequence of operations or procedures. When mentioning this type of information, it's essential to draw attention to any process that could potentially be affected.

Add Impacts

The information board enables you to capture potential impacts if applicable. The impacts are generated from the impact assessment categories that have been predetermined as part of your iluminr setup.

Prioritise Information

Select the priority icon, to select high (H), medium (M) or low (L) priority. This assists you and other team members in quickly assessing the situation.

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