1. Visit https://login.catalysttech.co.

  2. Log in with your iluminr credentials.

  3. Click the Library icon.

  4. Click Communications Templates.

  5. The Templates library will display currently available communication templates, displayed as individual cards. Learn more at Get to know Communications Templates.

  6. Click + New Template

  7. The compose template communication slide-out panel will enable you to create a new message template, without leaving the page you are on.

  8. Select a message type from the available list. Learn more about message types at Get to know Communications.

  9. Compose your message:

    • Add a title to your communication (this will be the top line of an SMS and the Subject Line of an email).

    • Compose your message: write the message text in the main box that says "your message".

    • Optional: if you selected the broadcast message type, you can enable recipients the option to reply, set the Response Required toggle to Y (yes).

    • Optional: if you selected the poll message type, you can add up to five response options by:

      • Clicking and typing into Click here to add a response.

      • Then click the + icon to add the response.

      • The platform will notify you when reached the maximum number of responses.

      • Edit existing response options by selecting the pencil icon, edit the text and then select the tick icon to save the change.

  10. Click Next.

  11. Select the Channel/s from which you would like to send the message. Learn more about Channels at Get to know Communications.

  12. Click Save.

Congratulations, you have created a Communications Template!

How do I deactivate, edit or delete a Communication Template?

For each communication template card, you can:

  • Deactivate the message template, meaning other users will not be able to access this from the notify contacts panel.

  • Edit any detail of the message template.

  • Delete the message template if it no longer required.

Would you like to learn more?

Browse the Knowledge Base here or connect with the Customer Success team here.

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