iluminr Admin Users can save time by bulk importing contacts into existing contact groups. Learn more at How do I create a new Contact Group?

How do I import Contacts in to Contact Groups?

  1. Visit

  2. Log in with your iluminr credentials.

  3. Click your profile icon and select Admin login.

  4. On the left-hand side of the screen, under Services select Configuration.

  5. Under configuration, select Contact Groups.

  6. Locate the Contact Group you wish to import the contacts into and select Import Contacts.

  7. Select the Import Template button, to download the import template. Always download the template before import, even if you have downloaded it before.

  8. Open the import file you have just downloaded. All the fields in BOLD are mandatory and must include valid content.

  9. The import template has a few simple but strict rules that you need to follow when completing the import. Click here to read the rules before inputting your data.

  10. Input the data into the import template.

  11. Once your import file is ready for import, save it locally to your device.

  12. Select the file for import and click Import.

  13. If the import is successful, a confirmation screen will appear. This screen enables you to filter between Modified records and Newly added records.

  14. Select Save Contacts at the bottom of the confirmation table to complete your import.

Congratulations, you have successfully imported your contacts into the contact group!

Import Rules

Country Name

Using the drop-down list in the CountryName field, select the country that the mobile number belongs to. This will automatically assign the relevant country code to the mobile number during the import process - you do not need to include the country code in the MobileNumber field.

Mobile Number

Input the full mobile number, including the local phone code with no spaces.

The mobile number field requires all numbers to be the full local phone number, with no spaces included.


iluminr uses the email field to determine if a contact is new or existing. Duplicate records will not be created, providing the email in the import file is an exact match to the existing email in iluminr.

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