How do I grant Admin User access?

Learn how to create an Administrator User in iluminr

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Of the user licenses you have available, you can have as many or few administrators as you like. Learn more at People Management - Users.

Administrators will have access to the client admin area and be able to manage users and make changes to your iluminr setup.

How do I grant Admin User access?

  1. Log in with your iluminr credentials.

  2. In the vertical menu, click on Settings

  3. This will take you directly to the iluminr Users settings

  4. Find the User you would like to grant administrator privileges.
    โ€‹(User does not already exist? see How do I create new a User?)

  5. Click the pencil icon, located on the far right-hand side of the Users details. This will open the User's profile page.

  6. On the right-hand side, select Administrator in the User Role(s).

  7. Click Update.

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