How do I manage Learning Loop Templates?
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How do I edit existing Learning Loop Templates

iluminr Learning Loop Templates gives you the flexibility to modify

  1. Log in with your credentials.

  2. In vertical menu expand Templates and select Learning Loops

  3. Select the "Edit" option to activate the slider.

    You have the flexibility to:

  4. Update the name and description of the report,

  5. Select whether the question is mandatory

  6. Duplicate, reorder the question or simply delete the question.

  7. Edit the question content

  8. Modify the answer type - text response, numerical rating or text options/poll

  9. Adjust the scale or poll responses as needed

  10. Add additional questions as required.

  11. Preview the user's perspective of the report by clicking "Preview" and save changes to confirm.

  12. Once satisfied click SAVE

You can also craft entirely new report templates from scratch. Click the + New Template button, and iluminr will guide you through each section and question as you create the content for your Learning Loop Template.

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