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How do I import Contacts into Contact Groups?
How do I import Contacts into Contact Groups?

Streamlining Your Contact Management with Bulk Upload in iluminr

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iluminr Admin Users can save time by bulk importing contacts into existing contact groups.

In this article, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process for bulk importing contacts into contact groups. With the help of annotated screenshots, you'll be able to quickly and easily manage your contacts and keep your contact groups up to date.

How do I import contacts into Contact Groups?

  1. Log in with your iluminr credentials.

  2. In the vertical menu, click to expand Libraries

  3. Click the People tab.

  4. Select the Group that you want to import the contacts in to.

  5. Click the Import button.

  6. Select the Import Template button, to download the import template. Always download the template before import, even if you have downloaded it before.

  7. Open the import file you have just downloaded.

  8. Click here to read the guidelines before inputting your data.

  9. Input the data into the import template in line with the guidelines.

  10. Once your import file is ready for import, save it locally to your device.

  11. In the iluminr import contacts slider, select 'Upload' and choose the file to imported

  12. If the import is successful, a confirmation screen will appear on the bottom right, advising you can view the status of the import from the new Notification Centre

  13. Select the Notification Centre and a list of all import attempts will appear. Referencing the file names, number of successfully processed or errored records (contacts).

  14. If there are any errors you can download the error data to see what needs to be updated to complete your import.

Congratulations, you have successfully imported your contacts into the contact group!

Preparing Your Contacts for Bulk Upload

Accepted Import File Types

The contact group import requires CSV / XLSX / XLS file types.

Always download the template before import, even if you have downloaded it before.

Mobile Number - Cell Format

Ensure the mobile number field (column D) format is set to Text by:

  1. Highlight the MobilePhone column by clicking on the column header.

  2. Right-click on the column and select "Format Cells" from the drop-down menu.

  3. In the Format Cells dialog box, select the "Text" option under the "Number" tab.

  4. Click "OK" to apply the text format to the MobilePhone column.

This ensures the MobilePhone column will be formatted as text, which will prevent Excel from automatically removing any leading zeros or changing the phone numbers to a different format.

Mobile Number - Country Code

Enter the complete International Direct Dial Number with the +(country code) prefix, without any spaces in between the digits. Here are some example formats to help you:

  • Australia: +61xxxxxxxxx (replace the X's with the 9-digit phone number)

  • Italy: +39xxxxxxxxxx (replace the X's with the 10-digit phone number)

  • New Zealand: +64xxxxxxxxx (replace the X's with the 9-digit phone number)

  • United Kingdom: +44xxxxxxxxxx (replace the X's with the 10-digit phone number)

  • United States: +1xxxxxxxxxx (replace the X's with the 10-digit phone number)

Remember to adjust the X's according to the location's phone number digits.

Preventing Duplicate Entries: Matching Emails

iluminr uses the email field to identify whether a contact is a new addition or already exists in the system. To avoid creating duplicate entries, iluminr only matches the email in the import file with the pre-existing email in its database.

An existing record will only be updated if the email in the import file EXACTLY matches the email already present in iluminr.

Required Fields

All the fields for columns A to D are mandatory and must include valid content. These fields are:

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