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Does updating a Playbook Template impact an Active Playbook in an Event Room?
Does updating a Playbook Template impact an Active Playbook in an Event Room?
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You may be wondering, if I update a Playbook Template, will the changes impact an Active Playbook in an Event Room?

Updating a Playbook Template

It is important to note that updating the Playbook Template will not affect any of the work in progress. Therefore, if you are mid-response for a crisis, it is recommended that you communicate the playbook template change to the response team to ensure that everyone is aware of the updated playbook.

This will help responders to stay on track, collaborate effectively, and respond to the crisis in a timely and efficient manner.

⚠ WARNING: deactivating a Playbook in the Event Room will lose all progress and cannot be undone.

Deactivating a Playbook

  1. Log in with your credentials.

  2. In the vertical menu, the Event Rooms Dashboard

  3. On the dashboard, select the Event Room where the Active Playbook is located.

  4. Below the Information board, click on the Activated Playbook that has been updated

  5. In the Activated Playbook, select the Deactivate button, and confirm once prompted
    Deactivating a Playbook can NOT be undone.

  6. Return to the event room, using the back arrow

  7. Activate the Playbook, this will now be the current version

Activating a Playbook

Playbooks can be easily activated from event rooms, ensuring the right people and activities are brought in at the right time to manage the situation. Activated playbooks will appear on the event room dashboard, providing you with a snapshot of their progress, including playbook owner, number of tasks, and status.

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