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How do I access my existing Action Plans?
How do I access my existing Action Plans?
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What happened to Action Plans?

Existing Action Plans are automatically transformed into Playbooks with plan owner and task information migrated across. The Playbooks are stored in the playbook library and can be activated in event rooms.

Given the significant uplift in playbook capabilities over action plans, we recommend reviewing these playbooks to see how they could be merged and optimised for even greater success. Simply reach out to our customer success team to schedule a session!

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Where can I activate my Action Plans as Playbooks?

  1. Log in with your credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Event Room

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Event Room

  4. You will see below Information Board, you will see the Activate Playbook button

  5. Use the search feature by Role to locate the Playbook with your Action Plan name (e.g. Crisis Team Leader)

  6. Select the playbook you are looking for, and then click Activate the Playbooks.

  7. The activated playbook will appear in the Event Room for you to use.

    Congratulations, our Playbook has been Activated!

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: The Activated Playbook tasks will appear in two convenient views.

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