Get to know the Active Threats List

Everything you need to know about the Active Threats List on the iluminr threat map.

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What is the Active Threat List?

This new map feature will allow you to see threats impacting any of your sites no matter where you are looking on the map in a menu at the bottom of the screen. It will also help you navigate there quickly, giving you a more focussed and improved threat response capability.

Where do I find the Active Threat List?

  1. Login using your iluminr username and password.

  2. Click the Threats tab.

  3. The Active Threat List will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Expand or collapse the Active Threat List by clicking the arrow icon.

How do I use the Active Threat List?

Active Threat Cards

Each of the cards on your active threat list are coloured, this colour represents the contextual severity related to your sites on the map. Clicking this card will take you directly to that threat on the map. Learn more about threat map icons at Get to know the iluminr Threat Dashboard.

Severity & Threat Filters to display what's important

The Active Threat List is also fully filterable, allowing you to monitor the threats and severities that you care most about. This provides you with a hyper-focussed view of impacts to your sites.

In the Active Threats List, click either of the filters to apply or remove them to your current view.

Threat calculations to provide personalised insights

Our threat engine powers what you see on the active threat list and our alerts. Data from the threat source, your individual risk tolerances (Learn more at How do I edit my Threat Levels in iluminr?) and the distance from your sites helps us to calculate the relative severity of that threat to you.

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