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How do I edit my organisation's Threat Levels in iluminr?
How do I edit my organisation's Threat Levels in iluminr?

After setting up your threat alerts you may need to adjust the threat levels driving your proactive alerts. This is how to do it.

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When would I want to edit my organisation's threat levels?

We are receiving too many alerts OR not enough alerts for a particular threat category e.g. "Fire"

How do I access Threat Levels?

To adjust threat levels for each type of threat Navigate to the Threat library

  1. Log in with your iluminr credentials.

  2. In the vertical menu, click to expand Libraries and select the Threats tab.

  3. Here you will see a list of all threats being monitored in iluminr. Each threat has a threat matrix that assesses the threat’s proximity to your site and its severity level. Select the feed you would like to review and/or adjust.

  4. Multiple data sources are used for each threat type based on the region and availability of data. You can visit our knowledge base for more information.

  5. In the centre of the matrix you can map the overall threat level to your asset based on distance from your asset and the severity of the threat.

  6. All fields are editable so you can tailor the threat context to your organisation’s appetite. We have provided a default matrix for each threat type and severity labels are generally based on industry classifications and standards.sdf

  7. : Alerts are triggered by threat level so it is important you get these classifications right so you don’t miss potential threats or, just as importantly, you don’t suffer from alert fatigue.

  8. Once you reviewed and edited the Threat Levels, be sure to select save to update the Threat Levels for this Category (e.g. Fire). Once saved these new levels will immediately be applied to any Active Threat Alerts that have been set up.

🔜 Some threat categories are not yet available, however, you can register your interest by selecting any category and sharing a brief comment.

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