After a message has been sent from iluminr it is possible to ascertain the delivery status of each message for individual recipients for each channel (SMS or email) the notification has been sent through.

Example delivery status:

In the Message Detail view of a notification one of 3 delivery status will be presented for a given communication channel for each recipient.


  • SMS - The telecommunications provider of the recipient has confirmed the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient's device, this is NOT a read receipt, it is a confirmation the message has successfully passed through the network

  • email - the message has successfully left the iluminr gateway and should be received by the recipient (if the recipient has a mail filter enabled, they may NOT have received the communication


  • SMS - The telecommunications provider of the recipient has confirmed they are attempting delivery of the communication, not all telecommunications providers provide a delivered status for SMS messages. Pending could mean there is a delay or it may have been received.


  • SMS - The telecommunications provider of the recipient has rejected the communication. This could be after a failed attempt to deliver the message (the recipients device cannot be reached) OR most likely the number is not valid. In this instance it is advised to confirm the contact number is correct for the recipient in iluminr.

  • email - The message has not left the iluminr gateway, this would be due to an error with the communication or the email address is not valid.

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