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Using the iluminr threat intelligence dashboard (Map) users can view current confirmed exposure locations for Australia and New Zealand. In addition to our COVID-19 case data, This layer includes named addresses, bus routes, flight routes and train routes to help you stay ahead of the evolving situation.

Data Sources

Data presented in the iluminr COVID-19 Exposure site feed comes from the following sources:

  • Australian State Government Health Agencies

  • New Zealand Government Health Agency

Data availability

Exposure site data is currently only available for Australia and New Zealand.

Data Currency

iluminr will display data based on the latest update from the data source. The most recent exposure time is displayed in the threat summary panel, which can be accessed by selecting a COVID-19 Exposure Site Threat Icon on the map

In addition to the most recent exposure time, the threat summary panel also includes Health Advice from the State Agency as a a list of previous exposure time for that location where applicable

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