Action plans provide Response Team members with role clarity when they are activated for an event. An action plan provides a generic checklist of actions that each team member should consider undertaking during an event.

How to manage Action Plans

Now that you have set up your Response Team(s) and allocated Team Members to roles, we now need to make sure that each role has an Action Plan associated with it.

To add or edit your Action Plans, navigate to your client admin section. On the left-hand menu, click on Action Plans.

This page will show you a list of your Response Teams and it will tell you how many 'Strategies' you have within that Response Team's overall Action Plan.

To edit the Action Plans for a specific team click the pen icon

to the right of the relevant team.

From the Action Plan screen will you will be able to add or edit Action Plans for any of your Response Teams using the drop-down box at the top of the screen.

To add new action plans to a Response Team click the

button, this will take you to the Action Plan page.

Select the role that you would like to associate this plan with and give the plan a name. For example, the role might be 'Crisis Team Leader' and the plan name might be 'Team Leadership'. After you have entered these details, press the


Underneath the Plan Name Section, you will see three tabs: 'Immediate Action', 'Ongoing Action' and 'Post Action'. This section is where you can add your action plan tasks.

To add a new task, click the

button and using the pop-up, fill in the task description and select the appropriate plan section. Continue to add until you have completed the plan for that role.

You can then select the next role from the Role drop-down and build a plan for each role in the team.

At any time, you can edit a task in the Action plan using the pen

to the right of the task description. This will allow you to change the description of the task.

You can also click and drag the task to re-arrange the order of the tasks.

That is as difficult as it gets. Once you have set up your action plans, they will appear on the dashboard for your Response Team(s) to refer to when they are activated.

Here is a short video to help you out!

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