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Post links or attachments directly to your whiteboards

A relatively new feature that we have added to the facts and assumptions board is the category of 'other'. This can be really useful in recording event-specific documents or links where everyone can see or access them

Not only can you use this record important reference websites directly on the whiteboard,

You can also share links to collaborative documents from your organisation's SharePoint or another cloud service directly.

Recently we had a client ask if they could use notes captured on OneNote with an event in iluminr, the answer is yes. If you use the Share function to create a link to the OneNote page anyone on the team can access and collaborate on that OneNote page.

Our whiteboards also support attachments, so if your teams develop documents or find really useful reference material, these can be uploaded directly to any of the whiteboards.

Use the power of the task whiteboard

The task board is a really powerful tool that can be used to expedite workflows between teams and team members, using the SMS functionality. For example...

The Communications Coordinator completes a draft press release and needs it to get approved. Usually, this takes ages as the Team Leader is super busy and it's hard to get 2 minutes free, but the press release needs to go out ASAP.

The Communications Coordinator creates a task in the event with the description 'Draft press release for approval' they then include the live link and assign this task to the Team Leader with an appropriate due date and time.

This will then SMS the Team Leader that the press release is ready for review and approval.

Once the Team Leader is happy they can go to the Task Whiteboard and edit the description to "Approved" and assign the task back to the Communications Coordinator which will then notify them of the approval via an SMS and Email.

Not only does this save time waiting for the Team Leader to come out of a meeting or return to the command centre, it also keeps an audit trail in the system as to what time and what document was approved.

This is only one example of many possible ways this could be used, both inter and intra - response teams.

Use the Notify Contacts feature to send out plans, updates or reports to your response teams.

Any response team that you have created in iluminr will also have a contact group created automatically in the system. The Notify Contacts feature enables you to send out an SMS and email to any of your teams (and other distribution groups) quickly and effectively, which can speed up information flow through the team.

For example, if a team member has just finished compiling a daily situation report. The quickest and easiest way to share that with the team is to copy the link to the document and use notify contacts to send that link directly to the team. Alternatively, they could upload that document to the Facts and Assumptions whiteboard and send an SMS to all team members saying

"Latest SITREP uploaded to Whiteboard, Fact #4 login to iluminr to view. "

This is just one example of how the Notify module and the whiteboards can work together to support team collaboration.

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