iluminr will email users directly for account activation's, invoices and billing information, event updates and messaging.

If you are not receiving emails from iluminr there are a few basics to check first.

  • Junk / Spam folders, always good to check your mail service isn't filing CQCommand emails as Junk or Spam.

  • If there is nothing in your Junk or Spam it is possible your organisations' mail filters are stopping the email before it reaches your account.

Emails might come from one of the two following email addresses:

User account confirmations and account password reset emails come from

  • Event creation/ Team activation notifications (when a team is activated in CQCommand)

  • General notification messages (when a user sends a "notify contacts message")

  • Task updates (when a task is allocated to an assignee and if there is an update to task - Taskboard feature)

You may need to ask your mail administrators (IT support or service provider) to confirm that these email accounts are white-listed (added to a safe sender list) to ensure they are allowed through.

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