A link or feature in iluminr may direct you to a blank webpage because some features of iluminr use a specific/unique URL to operate.

If you select a link or feature in iluminr and receive an 'unable to establish connection' page or 'cannot be found' page, or if an element simply does not load, it is likely the connection for that feature is being blocked.

How do I enable access?

To enable access to all areas of iluminr please ensure the below URL's are added to your organisations white list (safe-site list).

  • login.catalysttech.co

  • app.catalysttech.co/

  • aws-cqc-angular.catalysttech.co/

  • api.catalysttech.co

  • api.catalysttechnologies.com.au

  • cqco.me

  • ipstack.com

  • *.catalysttech.co

For users in the EU

  • eu-login.catalysttech.co

  • eu-app.catalysttech.co/

  • eu-aws-cqc-angular.catalysttech.co/

  • eu-api.catalysttech.co/

  • eu-api.catalysttechnologies.com.au/

  • eu-cqco.me/

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