How do I create a a new Contact Group?

  1. Visit

  2. Log in with your iluminr credentials.

  3. Click your profile icon and select Admin login.

  4. On the left-hand side of the screen, under Services select Configuration.

  5. Under configuration, select Contact Groups.

  6. Click the Add New + button

  7. Create a Group Name and a description (this is optional)

  8. Click the Save button

    Role Sets

  9. Once the new Contact group is created, it now needs to be associated with a Role Set(s) in order for users of that Role to be able to Select that Contact Group from within Notify Contacts.

  10. Select 'Role Sets' from the Configuration menu on the left hand side.

  11. Select the 'edit' icon on the Role Set you wish to add the contact group(s) to.

  12. Under the Contact Groups menu ensure the check box is ticked for the contact groups this Role Set should have access too and select Save. This can be repeated against any other relevant Role Set.

The next time a user of that Role Set logs into iluminr they will be able to select and interact with the newly created contact group via 'Contact Groups' in an event and in 'Notify Contacts'.

Congratulations, you have successfully created a new contact group!

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