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How do I edit sections
How do I edit sections

Editing your emergency response plan content and procedures

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The activate portal includes a base level of content in your sites Emergency Response Plan (ERP) which can be easily edited.

To make changes to a section or a procedure simply select the edit icon in the action column (to the right of the section/procedure you wish to update.

This will present you with a pop up where you can modify or completely change the content in this relevant section *

You are able to upload images to these sections as well.

Currently it is not possible to add images to "Procedures". Procedures are any section with in the subheading of Procedures in your sites Emergency Response Plan.

To load an image, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Select the Image icon from the tool bar

  2. select the upload tab from

  3. select the browse button to upload the image from your device - currently only .png .jpg are able to be loaded as images into section.

  4. select the "send it server" button

  5. Finally select the green "ok" button back on the image info tab.

  6. you will now be back in the section edit pop up and you should see your newly uploaded image in your section.

  7. Once saved your image will now be included in your new section.

Pro tip, this is a simple way to include current fit for purpose procedural diagrams (work flows) your organisation already has.

* = some content will be auto populated from other sections with the activate portal, if you select edit for these sections you will be navigated away from the ERP section builder. Sections that behave in this way include:

  • Site Details

  • Building Systems

  • Work Areas

  • Warden Team

  • Emergency Control Point

  • Risk Assessment

  • Emergency Planning Committee

  • Emergency Contacts

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Browse the Knowledge Base here or connect with the Customer Success team here.

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