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Using iluminr to track a 'slow burn' situation?
Using iluminr to track a 'slow burn' situation?

iluminr can be a powerful tool to help keep an eye on an unfolding situation.

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There are often incidents that are occurring around us that may or may not affect your organisation. However, if they do, we want to be able to respond as quickly as possible.

Slow burn situations

When we practice and facilitate our resilience programs, we often focus on the very short term, high impact events such as a building fire or gas explosion. These events are often violent, sudden and the effects are immediate. There are many situations that have the potential to affect your organisation that escalate over a very long period of time and keeping track of what is important information becomes really hard - especially over weeks or months. iluminr can be a powerful tool to help you solve this problem.

How can I use iluminr to help?

By starting an event in iluminr and using the whiteboards to keep a track of information, you are setting up your organisation - should the worst happen, to be able to respond as quickly as possible. So what is the best way to do this?

1. Start an event and label it accurately. For example - 'Pandemic Information Track' this ensures that anyone inadvertently stumbling onto your event won't see cause for panic

2. Conduct an accurate incident assessment. As we are in the preparation phase, this assessment is likely to be quite low. But this also gives you and anyone else accessing the event, piece of mind that no further action needs to be taken at this stage

3. Start tracking relevant and useful information on the facts and assumptions whiteboard. Examples might be links to relevant government websites that people can access for updates, attachments of fact sheets or even screenshots of relevant social media posts.

The benefit of this approach is that should your organisation be affected by a situation, you can immediately direct the response team to relevant and up-to-date information as soon as they are activated.

You can also use the event to send out mass communications to staff or stakeholders, and the communications team will have access to an accurate source of truth.

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