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COVID-19 Response Management
COVID-19 Response Management
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Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we do business

The global pandemic has changed the way our customer buy, where our staff work and how our supply chains manage under stress.

To emerge stronger, organizations need the ability to monitor new outbreaks quickly, seamlessly connect with staff, and proactively coordinate Covid response activities, to protect their people and safeguard operations.

Monitor local outbreaks

Monitor changes to active or confirmed Covid-19 cases at a local government, state or country level.

Seamlessly connect with your people

Send and receive communications to manage work from home directives, welfare checks and return to work plans.

Take Informed Action

Initiate crisis response protocols, such as team activations, emergency notifications, task delegation, and more.

Stay on top of localized outbreaks and case numbers

Covid-19 outbreaks can flare up anywhere with no notice. The sooner you know, the faster you can respond.

Keep your people safe and stay ahead of emerging outbreaks by monitoring changes in local government areas, states and countries in one centralized platform.

Receive alerts for exposure sites near you

Monitor local exposure sites* near your places of work without having to scramble across multiple news outlets.

Receive automated alerts when your people are impacted and quickly initiate stay at home directions or general staff updates.

*Available data is country and state dependant

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