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How to access my Emergency Response Plan
How to access my Emergency Response Plan
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These steps will help you navigate to previously created versions of a Sites Emergency Response plan as well as where changes can be made to the site's procedures.

Super Admins and Multi-Site Admins (Begin at step 1, Single Site Admins from Step 3):

1) From the Master Dashboard: Select Sites from the left-hand menu


2) Select the site in question and pop up should open the Site Dashboard

3) Select the "Emergency Response Plan" button on the left-hand menu OR the Emergency Response Procedures button from the quick links in the middle of the screen:

This will bring you the ERP section builder page where you can edit or add sections for the Sites ERP.

4) Scroll to the bottom of the page you will find previously created versions, which can be accessed by selecting the View icon on the right of the version (the eye symbol).


If you make changes to any of the sections, please select the Create New Version button at the bottom of the page (above the version control table) and new a PDF will be created with the latest changes.

Happy planning :)

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